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Gas lift is a form of artificial lift that uses the energy stored in compressed gas to lift well fluids to the surface. This is accomplished by injecting high pressure gas into the production tubing to aerate and reduce the density of the fluid column. When the pressure in the wellbore is reduced to less than the reservoir pressure, the well begins to flow. This means of artificial lift merely supplements formation gas and closely resembles a naturally flowing well.
The flexibility of gas lift cannot be equalled by any other form of artificial lift. The cost of initial equipment is low compared to most pumping methods. There are very few moving parts in a gas lift installation, allowing for a long service life. Operating costs are usually low for gas lift systems. In most systems, gas burned by the compressor is more than offset by formation gas which is produced with well fluids.

A gas lift installation can be designed to cover a wide range of production rates efficiently. It can be designed for high initial production and lower rates as the reservoir depletes. Gas lift has many more applications in comparison to other forms of lift; it can be used to produce a well that will not flow, to increase the rate of a flowing well, to kick off a well that flows, to keep fluids unloaded from a gas well, to back wash a saltwater disposal well, and to lift wa-ter source wells.